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Technology lead Kubernetes/Openshift C-7

open opportunity in Brussels

Your role

  • You follow the latest evolution of both the core as related technologies like ci/cd, operator framework, service mesh, ingress gateways.
  • You create infra designs covering storage, network and compute integration, either on standalone (BM, VM) or on top of any private or public cloud (openstack, azure, aws, gcp, ...)
  • As a tech leader you follow technology and are able to formulate a container orchestration strategy.
  • You create offers / answer RFPs
  • You guide customers in container based development strategy
  • You define application deployment strategies
  • You guide a team on the technology road (creating training paths and PDPs).
  • You give customer presentations

You can grow to a people manager of 20 consultants.


  • kubernetes, openshift
  • network: CNI, vxlan, SDN (calico, ovs, ...)
  • storage: object/file/block storage integration with CSI
  • CI/CD: tooling like jenkins, gitlab-ci, ...
  • application LCM: helm, operator framework, ... 
  • aws/gcp/azure/opentack: cloud automation
  • automation: terraform, ansible, python
  • scripting: python, go, ...
  • agile/lean/scrum/devops(!) methodologies

Your profile

  • You have been following kubernetes or openshift open source projects (by contributing or by creating multi-datacenter/multi-cloud designs and implementing those at customers). 
  • You have a knowledge of the development side and how kubernetes/openshift is being used.   
  • You are able to formulate best practices on deployments and guide developers into their container journey. 
  • You have knowledge on how to automate infra deployments & workload deployments.

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