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Scrum Master

YOur role

  • You are in charge to support scrum teams
  • You make sure that the development team can create value for our customers in a sustainable manner
  • You inspire scrum teams & you coach them (organisation, targets, ...) for continuous improvement
  • You facilitate scrum teams: scrum events and their communication about progress & actions
  • You support the Product Owner in maintaining the team backlog (prioritizing business features & user-stories)
  • You watch over the agile mindset, a focus on 'change' as well as 'run'


  • You have experience with work methods like Kanban, Scrum, Agile, ...
  • Knowledge and/of experience with Devops, Spotify, LeSS,... is a plus
  • You are facinated by the performance of cross-functional teams & the power of co-creation