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What can Aleaconnect mean for you as a consultant? 

With a Talent Broker in ICT & Industry 4.0 on your side, you don't need to open doors on your own. You simply use our strong network.

It is not our main goal to start from one specific vacancy and try to find a suitable candidate as soon as possible. We start from your unique story and together we search for the next step or step up. It is our job to introduce you at innovative companies with the most exciting projects. 

We talk like peers

Because we have the unique combination of sector knowledge in ICT and a large network, we can talk like peers. When you give us a go, we set a date and exchange thoughts in a video call. Rather than checking a specific job application, we have an open conversation.

During this video call we start from your LinkedIn profile and discuss your experience and current role as a consultant. What gives you energy? What takes a lot of effort? In which area would you like to evolve? 

We share ideas

We like to hear all about your professional dreams and final ambitions. Do you want to focus on obtaining the right level of certifications? Do you feel the need for a more in-depth role using the hottest technology platforms? Are you eager to coach and guide junior teams? Are you thinking about starting as a freelancer? What about your work-life balance? How much time do you like to work from home? Which type of projects match with your ambitions? ... Rather discussing concrete needs than a polite fluffy conversation. Let's really nail it this time!

We make plans

We inform you about the different companies in our portfolio which could be an interesting match for you. We discuss actual opportunities where you can go for; now or later. We arrange the follow up calls or meetings, but it's up to you to set the pace. From the moment you want to be proposed, we guid you through the process. We give concrete feedback and inform you about the next step. 

Our list of opportunities gives you a snap shot of the actual demand in the ICT market.

No obligations, only advantages

You decide on the direction you want to go with your career, but the support of a strong partner helps you to achieve your professional goals.

  • We go the extra mile for the best match: more interesting projects, a finer work-life balance, a better match between your DNA and the company culture, a better salary package, ...
  • We support you to close a satisfied deal: a clear view on your salary package, a contract as employee or freelancer, ... 


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