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Career development for candidates

Aleaconnect aims to be a professional partner in exploring & finding out your career goals.

Because we have the unique combination of sector knowledge in ICT, coaching and communication skills and a large network, we can easily explore with you new challenges. We don't focus on possible opportunities but talk about your dreams, goals, ambitions in the long run.

You are in the drivers seat and you decide the directions you take in your career. However, the support of a strong partner could help you to achieve faster and better results. 

With a Talent Broker on your side, you don’t need to open doors on your own. You simply use our strong network.

What are the main advantages of working together with a Talent Broker?

  • You don’t have to invest much of your time in reaching out to interesting and innovative companies
  • You can still focus on your actual role and get in parallel contact with the right people at the right companies
  • You can choose your timing that suits you the best instead of reacting on only one opportunity (classic head hunting approach).
  • You explore opportunities without any obligations.

At Aleaconnect we make it our job to get you in at some different levels and different innovative and exciting companies. Together, we can build a career plan and set up meetings with cxo level of interesting companies that match your individual DNA. It gives the benefit of a faster & better match with your own ambitions and future plans.

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