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Five domains

Because we like to be a partner of the most attractive companies in ICT, we focus on five growing and innovative domains.

Domain 1 - Cloud Innovation

More and more companies rely on the cloud for server capacity, using critical applications and setting up data lakes in the cloud.

There's a need for profiles like Cloud Solution Architects and Cloud Engineers in the different hyperscalers like Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform. 

Domain 2 - Customer Experience

Companies need to set up multichannel environments to communicate and do business with their customers. How can you provide the ideal customer journey? How can you turn customers into ambassadors? By monitoring the complete digital experience of your end users you can get into the driver's seat.

There's a need for profiles like Customer Engagement Architects and Specialists in platforms like Salesforce and MS Dynamics 365.

Domain 3 - Cyber Security

Covid-19 shifted many enterprises to a new way of working. Security challenges are everywhere ... in new workplace environments, in cloud migrations, in new threats.

There's a need for Cyber Security Architects, Engineers and Consultants.

Domain 4 - Data & AI

Big data and AI/ML go hand in hand. Data Intelligence and andvanced AI can disrupt business and create new business models.

There's a need for Data Architects and Data Scientists and Data Engineers to create the next generation of Business Intelligence.

Domain 5 - ERP & RPA

Next generation ERP will be connected with Smart Manufacturing & Planning. RPA is the way to automate basic human processes and create intelligent bots to handle workflows. 

There's a need for Solution Architects, ERP Consultants and RPA Engineers.

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