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As a Headhunter we support your search for key players at crucial times.

Headhunting relies on a three step process like managing a funnel: search/match/onboarding. It's often used in filling crucial management and sales positions. At Aleaconnect, we search for key players within Cloud Innovation, Customer Experience, Data Analytics, AI, Cybersecurity

Our approach is personalized and pro-active:

  • We go for one-to-one communication

Every single candidate is contacted in a highly personalised way. It's a time consuming process but very appreciated.

  • We are a peer in ICT 

Because of our extensive expertise in ICT we succeed in motivating candidates, who aren't open for a new opportunity, to consider a next career step. We know the challenges of the sector and are able to share our vision on the market.

  • We go the extra mile 

In search for sales, middle management, director level,… with expertise in ICT & Industry 4.0 and matching your companies DNA? Well balanced in communication we approach potential candidates for your company. 

  • We have an extensive network  

Because we have more than 20 years of expertise in ICT, we have an extensive network with people who trust us and like to engage. 

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