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As a Headhunter in ICT & Industry 4.0 we act along as a partner for a successful matching.

Meet & Greets in a highly professional way

When a candidate tells us he is interested in your company, he likes to get to know you as soon as possible. That's why we like to facilitate online meet & greets. You give us timeslots and we sent the invites for a video call. We ask for feedback and discuss next steps (video call, face-to-face interview, contract negotiation, ...).

We keep an eye on a smooth process because the candidates we contact are often not actively looking for a new opportunity but are willing to explore new options:

  • at a brisk pace
  • with a clear feedback during the process
  • with concrete perspectives

Support during onboarding

We provide support for the candidate during the first 6 months to facilitate a smooth integration into your business.

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