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Talent Search for companies

Talent search in sales & business development
Talent search in delivery & customer management

Finding hidden talent that suits your company’s culture and open positions. Securing candidates towards an actual opportunity. Encouraging the best sales and management experts to leave their existing company and step outside their comfort zone. By working in a partnership model, we develop a much deeper relationship with you as our customer and obtain better results in searching and matching.

Talent searching is our core business. We connect the best talent with your company values. The best partnerships are made with candidates who match your company’s DNA.

From intake to success story

At our intake we discuss your organization’s values and culture so we can integrate this in our searching and matching process.

Finding talent is one challenge, another is arranging interviews.  We always go for a fast and efficient scheduling.

Candidates naturally need the correct expertise and certification to function in your field. Besides the field related expertise, Aleaconnect takes a look at the challenges your sector faces and the candidate expertise necessary to navigate these challenges.

Another area Aleaconnect focuses on in candidates is leadership skills. In today’s workplace, taking initiative and being dynamic enough to tackle (unexpected) and sometimes complex challenges is key. We focus on our candidates’ ability to inspire, motivate and coach their team. The relationship a candidate can build with a team directly affects how proficient they are at making things happen.

Much like a good fit with your company’s culture, we at Aleaconnect stand behind our focus on soft skills, initially searching via automated AI software analyzing candidates’ LinkedIn profile, for example. We look for soft skills, such as communication, ability to collaborate, creativity and coaching. Creativity to solve problems, to think outside the box and to see the bigger picture. Coaching a team towards a success story. Collaborating with other departments to make business processes more transparent and efficient. And of course being able to communicate spans all of the above skills.

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