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Headhunter for companies & Talent Broker for candidates

As Headhunter we select, onboard and coach key players that match with your company's DNA . 

  • We have a trusted network of 13.000 professionals to reach out to
  • We onboard those that will make an impact on your company.
  • We have a high speed approach and act as a true partner.
  • We fill in the key positions that are crucial for your actual and future growth ambitions.

As Talent broker we start from the candidate's ambitions & drive. 

  • We make time to explore the triggers that gives you energy, professional happiness and makes use of your individual top talent.
  • We act as a career.
  • We help you to understand where your future role could be.

Aleaconnect is THE matchmaker between our eco system of 13.000 professionals and start/scale and grown ups in ICT & Industry 4.0.


Large network

We have a large network of experienced directors, sales & consultants in ICT (>13.000 contacts Linkedin).


We work pro-actively & screen every week so that we know when to engage

Partner Model

We like to work in a partner model: get connected & engaged on company culture, values and challenges