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We focus & share

We focus 

  • We focus on ICT & Industry 4.0

We have a passion for ICT and innovation. As a result of more than 20 years of expertise in ICT and active networking, we keep a trusted network of 13.000 professionals alive. We have build a solid reputation and can reach out to them because of our highly personalized communication. 

  • We focus on Belgium and beyond

Digitalisation knows no borders. Professionals in ICT can easily work remote. Belgium with his multilingual professionals and it's strategic location within Europe, makes it possible to select & match keyplayers ready to go for an international career.

We share

As a Talent Broker we give Talent Aquisition Teams access to an exclusive portfolio of candidates. These top candidates are actually looking for another opportunity. At our digital portfolio you get insights which candidates fitting your companies DNA are available. We connect & share.



Large network

We have a large network of experienced directors, sales & consultants in ICT (>13.000 contacts Linkedin).


We work pro-actively & screen every week so that we know when to engage

Partner Model

We like to work in a partner model: get connected & engaged on company culture, values and challenges