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About the company

Working mainly in Benelux, UK, France and Germany. Aleaconnect focuses on talent searching services for medium to large sized IT companies as well as start-ups and scale-ups.

Are you a start up, fintech, AI company that wants to grow its market share?

Aleaconnect develops partnerships with top companies in ICT. We have monthly meetings with key players in different cities. We do not focus on the end market, we share our ecosystem with Independent Software Vendors, Hardware Vendors, System Integrators, Consulting firms, Start/Scale Ups. 

Are you in need of a headhunting company who knows the ICT market in Europe?

Aleaconnect operates within a radius of 250 km from Brussels to cities like Amsterdam, Brussels, London, Paris and Berlin. We are building the largest network of sales/delivery professionals in ICT in Europe. We have more than 12.500 contacts in profiles like Account Manager, Business Development Manager, Program Manager, Service Delivery Manager. We weekly organize video calls and face to face meetings with them. They are multilingual and a substantial part of them is highly interested in an international career and can easily travel  to UK, BENELUX, France, Germany.


Large network

We have a large network of experienced of sales/delivery professionals in ICT (>12.500 contacts Linkedin).


We work pro-actively & screen every week so that we know when to engage

Partner Model

We like to work in a partner model: get connected & engaged on company culture, values and challenges