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Probably the most wanted soft skill in ICT & Industry 4.0

Strong communication is a popular soft skill in search for talent in ICT & Industry 4.0. In order to lead a team, to be a trusted advisor for a set of customers, to keep networks alive, to collaborate with colleagues at every level,… you need to express yourself in a professional way.

In our career coaching program, we focus on soft skills in general & communication skills in particular. Here we share 2 techniques to improve communication.  

Listen to learn - A technique to improve in-depth conversations 

  • Give your full attention “Tell me about…”
  • Clarify the message "who-what-why-when-where"
  • Summarise what you have heared “So… 1,2,3,…”
  • Listen to the essence “Do I here you say that…?”
  • Check your interpretations “Am I correct…?”

Express to explore - A technique to share ideas & knowledge

When initiating an idea:

  • First explain the reasoning behind the idea & take time for criticism
  • Then ask for support & suggestions

When responding to an idea:

  • First express appreciation before asking for clarification 
  • Then offer suggestions for improvement or enhancement.

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