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Aleaconnect as a Talent Broker wants to offer talents experienced in ICT & Industry 4.0 an ongoing perspective. Why? Simply because perspective is often the key to happiness.

Life rarely gives you what you want. You have to catch the next career wave before it catches you. But by sharing your professional dreams with a Talent Broker, you can easily prepare the next step. Starting from your ambitions and drives, together we explore concrete opportunities at innovative companies we work with.That's what we call 'the Aleaconnect Talent Broker approach'. We support you preparing your next career move.  

When you like this approach we support you taking the right next step by introducing you at one of the innovative companies we work with. No classic job interview, but meet & greets about your ambitions and drives on CXO-level. To seek for the ultimate fit. To take time to find the perfect match and create a life you don't need a vacation from. 

No strings attached, no cost. 

When your story and CV triggers us, we invite you to have a talk about your career goals.

The type of profiles we like to connect with.

Look at: https://www.aleaconnect.com/profiles  The list is not exhaustive, but is intended to provide guidance.


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