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Managing Partner

We connect you with an innovative ICT partner in entrepreneurship

This group searches the world for the best technology, actively forms knowledge cells and encourages potential entrepreneurs within the knowledge cells to pursue the technology in question. The companies under this group are pioneers in the introduction and use of new and innovative technologies, serving companies in various sectors that are often impacted by major changes, such as the media sector and publishers, banking and insurance, utilities, etc.

Start your own ICT project

  • You are a sales, account manager, business developper, account executive in ICT;
  • You have knowledge of one of these domains/technologies: Cloud, DevOps, APPL Modernisation, Staffing, Data Intelligence, Customer Intelligence, AI, Snowflake, BI, ODOO, Security on AWS, Big Query on google, ...
  • You can make partnerships with Vendors.

Enjoy support 

You can count on strong support: HR, talent aquisition, logo's, marketing, finance, ...

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