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Talent Broker

As a Talent Broker we support your companies growth.

Digital transformations are on the rise but attracting top talent is becoming a major challenge. As a Talent Broker we go the extra mile to co-operate with your Talent Acquisition team. With joined forces we make a difference to onboard ICT experts and facilitate a further expansion of your company.

Be one step ahead of the competition and make a partnership with Aleaconnect. As a Talent Broker with a profound knowledge of the ICT sector we definitely strenghen your search for top talent.

We start from the candidate’s interests & expertise

Due to more than 25 years of experience in ICT, we have build an extensive network of top talent. Every day we take several multichannel initiatives to keep this ecosystem alive. In a candidates’ market, where talent is rare, we rather start from the interests and ambitions of each potential candidate than from one specific opportunity. Thanks to our proven track-record in ICT, we speak the same language and talk like peers. It’s an advantage we can turn into successful onboardings.

We search for the best cultural fit

When we have a clear understanding of the ambitions and expertise of the candidate, we inform him about the companies in our portfolio. What’s their story? What ’s their culture? In close interaction with the candidate, we introduce him at a snappy start-up, a fine scale-up or a full ICT Integrator. Open communication and a profound knowledge of the market are the magic keys to build bridges between top talent and your company.

We facilitate a smooth matching & onboarding  

When a candidate likes to hear more about your projects, we go 100% for a high level candidate experience. Thanks to our professional background in communication, we have defined a toughtful multichannel strategy. We plan (online) meetings and give concrete feedback to stay on the same page. We provide feed forward to ease the process: What’s the next step? What’s to be expected? Last but not least, we go all the way and share proper advice for closure and onboarding.

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