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Talent Broker

As a Talent Broker we support your Talent Aquisition team and companies growth.

We support your companies growth by creating windows of opportunities with Top Talent in our network ready to take a next career step. Because they are top notch in their domain, it’s important to get to know them at the right time in their career. 

As a Talent Broker we bring your Talent Aquisition Team in contact with experts in Cloud innovation, Customer Experience, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity.  

We act as a Talent Broker in matching technical key profiles at the right timing for company/candidate.  

  • Keeping our network alive 

We are in close contact with our network.  Because of our expertise in ICT and relationship of trust, we are a preferred partner when it comes to a decision point in their career. That’s why they inform us before taking action themselves. They know we can open doors for them in a highly professional and trusted way. 

  • Access to our digital platform 

Aleaconnecting is a digital platform where your Talent Aquisition Team gets access to. On this platform we introduce  a profile scan of candidates who are actually ready to go for a new opportunity. That’s why it’s time saving.  

  • With joined forces 

Only candidates fitting your companies DNA and general profiles will be posted on this digital platform. No extra costs for access to our platform, only a finder’s fee at onboarding. 


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