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Three levels

We have an extended network in consultants, management and sales.


As ICT consultants work in partnership with clients, advising them how to use information technology in order to meet their business objectives or overcome problems, we focus on their strenghts & skills to be the best fit with your company.

Besides technical skills, we focus on soft skills needed to execute strong projects such as time management skills, the ability to work under presure, dealing with resistance, active listener, clarifying messages, asking the right questions, presentation skills, teamworker.

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In our meetings with candidates we talk about their vision on the future. In which domains would the candidate like to grow? What's his or her ultimate ambition or goal? Which next step is needed to get closer to their dreams? Furthermore we focus on the possible next step and what would be the trigger to make a clear career shift. Can the candidate guide a larger team? Is there a match with your organisation structure & culture? How big is the impact on vision & strategy? Which innovations are in the company's pipeline?

In our ambition scan we make a synopsis that we like to share with you.

Hot opportunities management.


In our network we keep in touch with sales profiles with a proven track record in ICT. Depending on your business needs we get you in contact with sales with specific experience in a certain sector (Public, Banking, Pharma, ...), new business development, account management, solution selling, consultative selling or a combination. Due to our daily contacts with experienced sales professionals in our network we have a clear view on their ambitions for a next step or step up.

We can give you advice on the best approach towards different kinds of sales candidates.

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